A truly unique publication, the Special Effects Cookbook offers “safe and easy recipes for food that erupts, moves, sings, glows, talks, snaps, crackles, pops and swims.” There are dozens of recipes involving ordinary ingredients but producing extraordinary dishes. “I'm an inventor who likes to cook and watch sci-fi movies,” said Mike. “Back in 1992, I was looking for ideas for a cookbook because cookbooks sell well. One day while driving (I always get my best ideas while driving) I came up with the concept of combining movie-type special effects and cooking. “Since the only real culinary special effect that existed at the time was a sparkler stuck in a cupcake - I thought the idea had merit and 500,000 books later and here we are. “The books are a fun way for kids to learn the serious subject of physical science. I get letters from teachers who use the books in class, parents and grandparents buy from me and I'm frequently on TV or in the print media. I have two shows that run on FoodTV that run two or three times per year. “The books have recipes for every holiday and special occasion throughout the year. People usually smile and pay me a nice compliment when they discover I'm the author of the book series.” The cookbook appeals to kids by taking traditional recipes and applying a visual effect to the cooking process. Green Dragon’s Breath Cake, Beating Heart Cake and Glow In The Dark Gelatin can make children’s birthday parties truly memorable. Many recipes are really simple like Monster in the Pop Corn, which simply involves a small wind-up children’s toy attached the bottom of the bowl in order make the pop corn wiggle and writhe. The Special Effects Cookbook has even won a Gold Medal in the education category in an inventor’s international contest.

Special Effects Cookbook - Michael E. Samonek

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