FAT BURNING FOODS AND OTHER WEIGHT-LOSS SECRETS NO MORE HUNGER! NO MORE FORMULAS! NO MORE FAD DIETS! Now, eat all you want - and still lose weight! New discoveries in nutrition have identified over 30 foods that can help you lose unwanted pounds. By combining these foods with a few simple exercises, you will watch fat melt away. And best of all, you can eat as much of these special foods as you want! Fat Burning Foods and Other Weight-Loss Secrets Also Offers You: -- Over 50 delicious, low-fat recipes -- Tips on how to select lean meat, poultry, and fish -- Best food choices when dining out -- Ways to "diet-proof" your home -- Easy activities to burn fat faster -- Inspiring personal success stories These and other secrets for successful weight loss will help you lose weight safely-and permanently.

Fat-burning foods : and other weight-loss secrets - Judy Jameson

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