Although the investment landscape has been fairly bleak recently, there are ways to stay involved in the financial scene without losing your shirt. Don't Play in the Street describes one way-a stock selection system, WizeTRADE™, developed by financial wizard George Thompson. Thompson outlines the WizeTRADE™ method, along with his views on Wall Street, his stock selection strategy, and his tested trend analysis approach. Wary investors who feel clueless will soon learn how to understand stock positions, so they can make shrewd investment choices and prudently timed transactions.

Thousands of investors have attended WizeTRADE conferences to learn this winning method. Now, Thompson's WizeTRADE tips are as close as an investor's bookshelf. Don't Play in the Street covers:

•Wall Street scandals-same as they ever were.

•Investing scams and schemes.

•Knowledge as power.

•Taking stock of yourself.

•Picking a broker who won't make you the ""broker"".

•The genesis of WizeTRADE-new approaches in a new world of investing.

•Tips and pitfalls.

•Advanced strategy-short orders.

•Evaluating 35,000 stocks in seconds.

Also included are an indispensable appendix, ""How to Read Stock Tables,"" and a basic glossary of financial terms. Investors can take charge of their investments today with the proven and accessible methods outlined in this book.

Don't Play in the Street - George Thompson

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