Anthology of children's stories and poetry. Contents: "Robin Hood" retold by Mary Macnab, illustrated by H. B. Vestal; "Heidi Goes to the Pasture" (a selection from "Heidi") by Johanna Spyri, illustrated by Ninon and Robin Jacques; "The Walrus and the Carpenter" by Lewis Carroll, illustrated by Aldren A. Watson; "How the Camel Got His Hump" (from "Just So Stories) by Rudyard Kipling, illustrated by Feodor Rojankovsky; "Mop Top" written and illustrated by Don Freeman; "One Horse Farm" written and illustrated by Dahlov Ipcar; "What the Good-Man Does Is Always Right" by Hans Christian Andersen, illustrated by Maurice Sendak; "Hunters from the Sky" (no author noted), color photographs; "Thomas Jefferson: Father of Democracy" by Smith Burnham, illustrated by Henry Pitz; "The True Book of Health" by Olive V. Haynes, R.N., illustrated by Harvey Weiss; "Tricks to Fool Your Friends" by Robert North, illustrated by Leonard Kessler; "Let's Go to Argentina" (no author noted), color photographs, full-color illustrated map.

Best in Children's Books, Volume 41

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