Jane Brody’s Good Food Book is a great American cookbook, one destined to take its place alongside such classics as the Joy of Cooking and America Cooks. ―Pierre Franey

As anyone interested in good food and good health knows, Jane E. Brody has been one of the major guiding forces of the revolution in health consciousness that has swept this country in the past decade. Her message has been simple yet profound: good nutrition is vital to good health, and healthful foods can be flavorful and festive, too. In this volume, following her best-selling "Jane Brody's Nutrition Book" and "Jane Brody's Good Food Book," she presents more than 500 new, delicious, and wholesome recipes specifically geared toward entertaining. Some have been suggested by her readers; others have been adapted from recipes devised by noted cooks and food writers; many are Brody family favorites.

Jane Brody's Good Food Book: Living the High-Carbohydrate Way

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